A reliable and easy to use Humi-Control-System® for structural humidity control by Vigilan Oy

Vigilan Oy's Humi-Control-System® provides a solution for moisture damage detection and prevention. Humi-Control-System® was developed in collaboration with Aalto University and other major partners. This humidity sensor provides a solution for monitoring structural humidity and preventing and detecting potential moisture damage.


Our solution is also included in the new "Measurement of the relative humidity of concrete" RT 103333 guidelines.

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Humi-Control-System® is backed by extensive research and development 

The Humi-Control-System’s® moisture monitoring system is based on the RAKO research project carried out in the Applied Electronics Laboratory at TKK, which was part of the Healthy House program by Tekes.

Partners and sponsors of the TKK research project were: Tekes, City of Espoo, Koskisen Oy / Herrala-Talot, Lohja Rudus Oy, University of Oulu, Rakennusteollisuus RT, UPM-Kymmene / Rafsec Oy, Saniroc Oy, Confederation of Finnish Insurance Companies and TKK construction technology.

The goal of the research project was to find a non-destructive, inexpensive, reliable and easy-to-use moisture tracking system. The new system is suitable for measuring the structural humidity of various structures in both new and renovation construction.

The system can be used to monitor structural dehydration during construction and long-term humidity fluctuations, making it ideal for maintenance and quality control.

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Vigilan Oy – Reliable expertise and solid experience

Vigilan Oy is a Helsinki-based company specializing in moisture control. We want to provide safe and easy-to-use solutions for measuring humidity in buildings. Vigilan Oy’s values are quality and reliability. We appreciate our customers and want to invest in good and long-term relationships. Our unique Humi-Control-System® is the result of extensive product development that we have conducted together with our significant network of partners.

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