Ten good reasons to install Humi-Control-System® in your home

  • The electronics of Humi-Control-System® do not become obsolete – you can monitor humidity changes in structures even after decades.
  • Easy-to-use sensors do not require upgrades, batteries or power –  the products are timeless and eternal.
  • With Humi-sensors and Humi D -readers you can quickly measure moisture. Acquire them directly from Vigilan Oy or from one of our retailers.
  • Order a humidity sensor and make a measurement during the renovation of your current home, or ask your builder to install Humi-sensors already during the construction of your new home.
  • Perform a humidity measurement when introducing a new building for use – This will provide a baseline and benchmark for subsequent measurements.
  • Measure moisture regularly, for example, annually – monitor, compare and take action if needed.
  • Humidity sensors can also be easily installed, for example, during an inspection, which makes it easier to sell your property and increases its resale value.
  • Humi's humidity measurement system does not break expensive tiles or structures – it does not require renovation, unlike traditional humidity measurement systems.
  • Humi-products are affordable and cost-effective.
  • Easy installation and clear instructions

Plumbing / Bathroom renovation

If your house or housing company is about to undergo plumbing repairs or if you are renovating your bathroom, Humi-Control-System® can help ensure the structural condition during construction and for years after renovation.

If you want to ensure the waterproofing of critical areas such as a floor drain or shower, Humi-products are the right choice. With over 65.000 Humi-sensors sold by 2021.

Building your own house

When building a new house, it is good to think about how moisture management should be solved. We have developed Humi-Control-System® so that you can benefit from the humidity monitoring of your own home already during construction and for years to come. Multiple house manufacturers use our sensors, so if you are ordering yours, check with your supplier how they have solved moisture management!

During construction, the most critical step is to ensure that the floor and wall structures are dry enough to start the coating work. With Humi-sensors you get this information quick and easy.