With the HCS-system, you keep track of the humidity levels of the structures throughout
the life cycle of a building

New constructions

Humi-Control-System is suitable for monitoring structural humidity during construction. It works well with all concrete types. The sensors allow you to monitor the drying of the cast so you know when the structure is sufficiently dry to begin coating work.

The system consists of Humi-sensors and a Humi D reading device. It allows you to measure structural humidity down to a depth of 10 cm. Humi-sensors are always manufactured to the correct depth (40 % of the thickness of the unidirectional bottom sole or 20% of the thickness of the midsole in both directions).


With the HCS you can verify the structural humidity of a surface before applying waterproofing. The sensors also provide assurance of the durability of the waterproofing after installation of the surface materials.

If necessary, sensors can also be installed in wall structures to monitor structural humidity in the vicinity of water pipes passing through a wall. Additionally, the wall structures of a shower zone are a good spot for sensors, so that the humidity of the structures, caused by splashing water, can be monitored.


Our humidity sensor system is suitable for monitoring the humidity of various building elements, such as wood, stone or concrete. A concrete element can be equipped with a sensor already at the manufacturing stage so that the drying of the element can be monitored at the factory and ensure that the element is sufficiently dry before use.

The Humi D reading device is an easy-to-use and reliable humidity meter that measures the relative humidity of the structure from the Humi-sensors. Unlike traditional measurement methods, this measurement does not break tiles or structures. The Humi D reading
device is placed near the Humi-sensor, which measures the humidity down to 10 cm depth from the sensor's surroundings.

Hygrometer specifications:

  • + / - 2,5 RH % accuracy
  • Humidity range: 65–98 RH %
  • Temperature: 0 to + 40 ° C
  • Depth: 10 cm
  • Humidity measurements from Humi-sensors.