Humi-Control-System® ensures that there is no moisture damage in the structures

Vigilan Oy provides reliable and easy humidity measurement solutions. Our system is suitable for measuring and monitoring the humidity of various structures in both new and renovation construction. The system can monitor both the drying of structures
during construction and the long-term humidity variation. Our products make an excellent part of the maintenance and quality control system.

We are located at Viikki in Helsinki. Our retailer network serves in Oulu, Turku and in Etelä- and Keski-Pohjanmaa regions.

Contact Details

Vigilan Oy

Viikinportti 4 B 16



Eero Tommila

040 553 0535


Sales, Marketing, and Product Development Manager

Mikko Jaaksola

 040 700 2386

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TRS Finn Oy -logo

TRS Finn Oy

Aavankatu 8 | 21280 RAISIO

Etelä-Pohjanmaan alue

Esa Rämänen

Länsi-Suomen Rakennusanalyysi Oy

Åbackantie 18 | 64320 DAGSMARK


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Marko Yliniemi

Oulun kosteustutkimus Oy

Piikuja 4 | 90620 OULU

Keski-Pohjanmaan alue

Juha Lerssi

Talotimpurit J. Lerssi Ky

Teerikankaantie 55 | 69600 KAUSTINEN